ESCOM Membership

Why become an ESCOM member?

  • You will be supporting, and be seen to be supporting, a leading organization within your research discipline
  • You will be linked to a large and growing community of international researchers from a wide range of related fields and expertise
  • You will receive four paper copies of Musicæ Scientiæ sent to your home address
  • You will get online access to Musicæ Scientiæ at the Sage website.
  • You will receive society discounts for registering at ESCOM events
  • You will be able to vote on resolutions presented to the General Assembly
  • You will be able to hold office in the Society
    Membership falls into one of the following categories:
  • Full members
  • Student members: students of institutions of higher education taking full- and part-time courses (evidence to be provided).
  • Sustaining members: individuals, corporations, or organizations who give major donations to the Society.
  • Institutions and libraries

Current Rates

  Full members Student members Sustaining members Honorary members
1 year:  55.00 €  30.00 €  500.00 €  Free membership 
3 years:  150.00 €  75.00 €  1400.00 € 
  For institutions and libraries
  SAGE Publications Ltd has managed institutional subscriptions since 2011.
Please contact:

How to become a member

Please download the ESCOM membership form (PDF) and send the signed form by FAX (+358 14 617 420) or a scanned version by email (escom[at] To pay the membership fees, please use one of the following two options:

Bank Transfer Credit card via PayPal
Use the information on the ESCOM membership form and transfer the indicated amount to the ESCOM bank account.
Please select membership type


(To obtain a student membership, please email or fax a copy of your current registration as a full-time or part-time student at a university or other higher education institution.)

Proposed rates starting in 2019

We plan to change the membership fee structure starting in January 2019. The following proposal will be presented to the ESCOM General Assembly at the ICMPC/ESCOM conference in Graz, 23–28 July 2018.


To simplify administration, the three-year option will be ended. All memberships fees will be payable once per year.

    The full fee will be 60 Euros per year, with equal cumulative discounts for:
  • electronic membership (electronic access to Musicae Scientiae rather than paper),
  • full-time student status, and
  • living/working in a financially disadvantaged country including Eastern Europe, Greece and Turkey.

The final point applies to countries whose GDP per capita is less than $37,000 as listed in the left column (IMF figures) of the table here. The cut-off will be changed occasionally.

    As a result, there will be four possible annual membership fees as follows:
  • Full fee, no discount: Euro 60
  • One discount (any of the above three): Euro 45
  • Two discounts: Euro 30
  • Three discounts: Euro 15

This proposal may be changed or rejected by the General Assembly in July 2018.