6-Oct-2020: Musicae Scientiae Special Issue 2022: Call for Proposals Submission deadline: 11 December 2020

5-Nov-2019: Musicae Scientiae Special Issue 2021: Call for Proposals Submission deadline: 13 December 2019

12-Oct-2018: Pierre Boulez’ “Music Lessons: the College de France Lectures”, the second project in the Translation Fund, will appear on November 1st 2018

28-July-2018: Next Triennial ESCOM Conference to be held July 27–31 2021 in Sheffield, UK.

18-June-2018: The ESCOM General Assembly will be held on Friday 27 July 2018, 6 p.m. at HS 15.01 Resowi Building of the University of Graz, Austria. All members of the society in good standing are cordially invited to attend and vote for the new board.

9-Apr-2018: Andrzej Rakowski 1931–2018

4-Oct-2017: Call for Proposals for MUSICÆ SCIENTIÆ Special Issue 2019

6-Sept-2017: Abstracts and Proceedings of ESCOM 2017 are now online.

16-June-2017: Musicæ Scientiæ 2016 Impact Factor increased to 1.408.


Welcome the website of ESCOM, the European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music, an international non-profit society with the aim to support theoretical, experimental and applied research in the cognitive sciences of music. The society disseminates knowledge of music perception and cognition, and encourages European and international cooperation within the fields of cognitive sciences of music.


...sur le site de l'ESCOM, la Société Européenne pour les Sciences Cognitives de la Musique, une association internationale sans but lucratif dont l'intention est de promouvoir les recherches théorique, expérimentale et appliquée en matière de sciences cognitives de la musique. L'association  encourage l'étude de la perception et  de la cognition de la musique ainsi que les collaborations européennes et internationales dans le domaine des sciences cognitives de la musique.


...auf der Homepage von ESCOM, der Europäischen Gesellschaft für die Kognitiven Wissenschaften der Musik, eine internationale Non-Profit-Organisation zur Erschließung und Unterstützung von theoretischer, experimenteller und angewandter Forschung in den kognitiven Wissenschaften der Musik. Die Gesellschaft gibt Wissen über Musikwahrnehmung und Musikkognition weiter und fördert europäische und internationale Zusammenarbeit in den unterschiedlichen Bereichen der kognitiven Wissenschaften der Musik.

Musicæ Scientiæ

The trilingual peer-reviewed journal Musicæ Scientiæ (founded in 1997) is the official organ of the European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music. read more...