ESCOM Membership

Why become an ESCOM member?

  • You will be supporting, and be seen to be supporting, a leading organization within your research discipline
  • You will be linked to a large and growing community of international researchers from a wide range of related fields and expertise
  • You will receive four paper copies of Musicæ Scientiæ sent to your home address (unless opted out, see below)
  • You will get online access to Musicæ Scientiæ at the Sage website
  • You will receive society discounts for registering at ESCOM events
  • You will be able to vote on resolutions presented to the General Assembly
  • You will be able to hold office in the Society
    Membership falls into one of the following categories:
  • Full members
  • Student members: students of institutions of higher education taking full- and part-time courses (evidence to be provided).
  • Sustaining members: individuals, corporations, or organizations who give major donations to the Society.
  • Institutions and libraries

Current Membership Rates

Full and student membership

The annual membership fee is 60 Euros per year, with equal cumulative discounts of 15 Euros for:

  • Electronic access to Musicae Scientiae rather than receiving the paper copy,
  • Full-time student status, and
  • Living/working in a financially disadvantaged country including Eastern Europe, Greece and Turkey. This applies to countries whose GDP per capita is less than $37,000 as listed in the left column (IMF figures) of the table here.

As a result, there will be four possible annual membership fees as follows:

  • Full fee, no discount: Euro 60
  • One discount (any of the above three): Euro 45
  • Two discounts: Euro 30
  • Three discounts: Euro 15

Sustaining members

500.00 € per year or 1400 € for 3 years.

Honorary members

Free membership.

How to become a member

Please download the ESCOM membership form (PDF) and send the signed form in a scanned version by email (escom[at] To pay the membership fees, please use one of the following two options:

Bank Transfer Credit card via PayPal
Use the information on the ESCOM membership form and transfer the indicated amount to the ESCOM bank account.
Please select membership type


(To obtain a student membership, please email or fax a copy of your current registration as a full-time or part-time student at a university or other higher education institution.)