Irène Deliège Translation Fund

ESCOM edits a series of “Classic European Music Science Monographs.” This project aims to create and publish English translations of seminal historic European treatises on systematic and scientific musicology from 20th and earlier centuries. Translations are funded from a special “Irène Deliège Translation Fund” endowed to ESCOM in 2010.

  • The Origins of Music by Carl Stumpf, OUP 2012The first volume in the series is Carl Stumpf’s „Die Anfänge der Musik“ (1911) (“The Origins of Music”) which was published by Oxford University Press in 2012. Translated and Edited by David Trippett, 288 pages, ISBN 978-0-19-969573-7 appeared on 26 July 2012. (David Trippett was awarded the 2013 Bruno Nettl Prize of the Society for Ethnomusicology in December 2013 for the translation and editing of this volume.)

  • The Origins of Music by Carl Stumpf, OUP 2012The second project of the Translation Fund to come to fruition is Pierre Boulez’ “Music Lessons: the College de France Lectures”  edited and translated by Jonathan Dunsby, Jonathan Goldman and Arnold Whittall, and published by Faber & Faber on November 1st 2018, 662 pages, ISBN 9780571334278.

  • The third project in the series will be the two volumes of Carl Stumpf’s „Tonpsychologie“ (1885) to be published by Routledge, who have signed a contract with ESCOM for the continuation of the series. Publication will be in two separate volumes; Volume 1 was published in 2019 (Go to Routledge site), volume 2 is expected in 2020.

  • The fourth project, also with Routledge, is for Andre Schaeffner’s  «Origine des Instruments de Musique» (1936) published in 2020 (Go to Routledge site).

  • The fifth project is Ernst Kurth’s „Musikpsychologie“ (1931) scheduled for publication in 2021 by Routledge.